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How to make a permanent switch

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1default How to make a permanent switch on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:29 pm


An easy understanding on how to make a permanent switch.
First, what exactly is a permanent switch any way?

A permanent switch in LBP2 is a logic tool, once it is activated, is always activated.

There are a number of ways to reach the same effect using the LBP2 tools

1. Use an OR gate. Hook your input to one of the OR gate's input nodes. Wire the output of the OR gate to the second input node. Once activated once, the output will provide the input to the OR gate, making it permanent.

2. Use a Selector. This is a handy feature, you can turn something off while simultaneously turning something else on. All you need to do is change the number of inputs on the selector to 2. On default, the selector will output to the first output node. What you will need to do, to make this a permanent switch is hook up an input to the second input node of the selector. Changing its state to permanently output from the second output node.

3. A Counter. Require that the counter need to be activated only once, and it's a permanent switch. This one you can reset by using the reset input.

4. A Timer. This one will have a small delay, although it still works the same. Adjust the timer to Start Counting Up, once it is activated, it remains on permanently. To minimize the delay, set the time to .1 seconds. This one can also be reset. This example will need to be done while in pause mode.


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